Review: Boccieri Secret Grip

How many times have you searched for something different to improve your golf game? Tinkered with your golf clubs, their weights, lie angles, etc., in order to find something that will help you hit the ball further and straighter?

What if someone were to tell you they know the “secret?” Or, more specifically, the “Secret Grip?”

Well, Boccieri Golf believes their Secret Grip is the answer to more consistent golf and have some strong support to go along with their claims.


Jack Nicklaus Boccieri Golf Secret GripBefore going any further, it’s important we understand the concept and, to do so, we need to understand the Secret Grip’s purpose.

The Secret Grip raises the balance point of your club by using counter-balancing grip technology where extra weight is placed in the butt-end of your grip. This is supposed to improve your consistency, control and distance.

The idea is based on the physics of the golf swing and features one of the best to ever play the game as its biggest proponent — Jack Nicklaus.

“Back in the days when I grew up as a kid playing MacGregor equipment, I discovered that under the plug of my grip was a little weight,” says Nicklaus. “Every once in a while, they’d get one that they didn’t put a weight in, and I never liked the golf club.”

Why did Jack prefer the feel of a counter-balanced golf club? Because he found his shot dispersion was tighter than with a standard weighted grip. A counter-balanced grip would slow down his hands allowing for a smoother, more natural transition at the top, and prevent him from getting quick.

“I found that it (the Secret Grip) allowed me to still use a lightish weight shaft and a little softer shaft,” said Nicklaus. “I think that ultimately, because you’ll time your swing better, you’ll be consistently longer, but I don’t think that’s what this grip is all about, I think this grip is about accuracy and consistency.”

So the ultimate purpose of the Secret Grip is to tighten up your shot dispersion and make you more consistent while providing better overall feel.

SecretGrip2THE GRIP

The Secret Grip incorporates numerous features in order to accomplish its goal.

The most important part of the entire concept is a 17g tungsten weight/cap placed at the butt-end of the grip. This represents the crux of the counter-balancing concept and something no grip manufacturer has done before, but Boccieri took the idea a few steps further. The grip is also made of a 40% heavier grip compound which acts to further counter-balance and raise the balance point of the golf club.

Boccieri didn’t stop there.

After spending time with countless professional golfers, founder Stephen Boccieri noticed that many of them requested their grips be built up under the lower hand. So, the Secret Grip has a Tour Profile shape which is less tapered and thicker in the lower portion of the grip. In addition, an extra inch added to its length means better performance when choking up on the golf club.

All this adds up to a grip weighing 92 grams (40 grams heavier than most standard grips) and a counter-balanced golf club.


Grips are definitely a matter of preference and everyone looks for a different feel when it comes to their golf clubs. One of the main concerns we had is the fact that a heavier grip means a lighter overall swingweight and lighter feeling club head.

Though this is true, we found that because the grip increased the overall weight of the club, that although the swingweight did decrease, we still had a good feel for where the club head was throughout the swing.

So, to address the issue of swingweight, although it might be lighter, it really comes down to preference.

Available colour options

Available colour options


Immediately you’ll feel a difference.

After trying the grips on various clubs in the bag, we can understand exactly how the Secret Grip will help golfers develop a more consistent swing path and how the extra weight and counter-balanced grip will help prevent golfers from casting the club at the top of their swing, stay on plane, set their hands quicker and, as Jack Nicklaus discovered long ago, create a smoother transition. It’s hard to argue with the results we were able to achieve.

The Secret Grip presented some definite advantages when it came to the rhythm of our swings and allowed us more opportunity to keep a consistent tempo. Through these improvements and the counter-balanced weighting, we believe many will find more consistent performance from their game.

Having said that, there is definitely an adjustment period. Golfers are generally intolerant to change. How many times have you gone for a lesson, went home, tried working on a drill, found it doesn’t work after what can only be described as minimal investment in the concept and, in a snap, reverted back to your old habits? A couple of days is simply not enough.

Thankfully, the best part about the Secret Grip is that you can try them risk free — literally. If you buy six or more Secret Grips and don’t like them, you can return them within 30 days and Boccieri will replace them with whatever grip you want.

We can’t tell you that these are the “secret” you’ve all been looking for, but we can say pretty confidently that they performed the way they are meant to perform.

Definitely worth a try.

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